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Patricia Nelson did my cohabitation agreement. She was very through and explained everything to me. I also like the fact that she didn't go over the retainer fee I gave her and I actually got money back.
Review for Patricia Nelson

July 23, 2019

I had a great experience working with Nelson Mehta Family Law with Shilpa as my Lawyer and Omta David as law clerk. Shilpa is intelligent, high energy, confident and competitive, all the qualities I wanted in a lawyer, this I could tell in the first visit which made my choice easy. I didn't end up getting a divorce thankfully, but the consultation I did receive from her was valuable and worth what I spent. Shilpa and Omta operate with integrity and this was most important. I would highly recommend her services. Thanks Shilpa!
Review for Shilpa Mehta

October 8, 2019

I believe that hiring Ms. Nelson was the right decision for me. She is very knowledgeable, professional and confident. She have a lot of patience in dealing with any situation. She always replied to any of my query quickly and in timely manner. She explained everything in detail. I really appreciated her well-done job for me. I would highly recommend her for any divorce (family legal) condition. FIVE STAR (not enough) Thank you for all your help and support Ms. Nelson. All the best to you!
Review for Patricia Nelson

March 10, 2019

I would definitely recommend Ms. Shilpa Mehta to anyone who requires a Family Lawyer. She is very professional, knowledgeable, confident and capable. She understood my situation. When I was close to giving up she gave me the confidence I needed to continue. I was in a common law situation where my ex and her mother made several allegations against me in their effort to gain full possession of our jointly owned property. Shilpa assured me that she would get to the bottom of all the issues, and that she would make sure I get what is rightfully mine. I am very impressed with Shilpa?s handling of the correspondence from opposing counsel and her responses to her. Shilpa ensured that I was awarded my share. I have no hesitation in recommending Ms. Shilpa Mehta to anyone who is experiencing family separation issues. Her services are excellent. Five Stars!! She deserves more than five stars!
Review for Shilpa Mehta

August 5, 2019

After the first meeting, it was apparent Ms.Nelson is a quick study . She knows the law, and ?gets?people. In end-stage matrimony, it?s not enough to be smart and thoughtful.(Although, she is both). Our opponent in the ring was often combative and unpleasant. On the brink of heading to court, Ms. Nelson took over the wheel and steered everyone to settlement. The Year long process was costly, but not because of the bill..which was fair. It was a difficult personal time, fraught with crisis...something that Ms Nelson (and her lovely assistant Vian) handled with care & compassion, ultimately eclipsing the graceless and petty style of opposing counsel. Forever grateful.
Review for Patricia Nelson

December 17, 2018

Shilpa is by far the best divorce lawyer I have dealt with. I only wish I had met her and used her services sooner. She is friendly, very knowledgeable of family law, flexible and willing to work around her clients' schedule. Having a female lawyer represent me in divorce matters for the first time, has brought a much needed woman's perspective to the challenging process of divorce court.
Review for Shilpa Mehta

July 3, 2019